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Well, here's a peek at my "private sanctuary".  Not EVERYONE, gets to see where I spend 90% of my time.  Even though we had computers for years, the kids, of course, had first dibs, and a busy Mom doesn't get too much time to sit down and play.  

Finally, it was MY turn!!!  Once I discovered the world of computers, I was "hooked", line and sinker.  It astonishes me to think of what I've done!!! Things just seem to keep snowballing for me, and since my "baby" left for college in 2003, I've taken my "hobby" of "Becky's Cookbook", went to college and now do Web Page Design as a business. I love the creativity and challenges.

Before doing web pages I had been a SAHM for my two sons, both now on their own.  Hubby and I have been happily married for 37 years and I must say that all "my boys" are  wonderful!!! 
We lived most of our life in Wisconsin, I'm definitely a Cheesehead, but we picked up and crossed the Mississippi and now enjoy living in Minnesota.
We have one child still at home. Our 11 year old Irish Setter, Maggie

In my spare time,  I also garden, read, research family genealogy, work on my own 3 "hobby" websites, Becky's Cookbook, Zastrow Family Cookbook and Dibble Family and search for new recipes to try on my poor family.  I used to try more, but I was told that they would no longer "vote" unless I started making the "keepers" more often!!! 

I truly hope you enjoy my site as I really enjoy doing it.  I realize that each families' tastes' are different, but I sure hope you find a few "keepers" from "Becky's Cookbook" to yours.  ;~)


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