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Well, here's a peek at my "private sanctuary". I raised my family during the "advent" of computer technology. So astonishingly enough, there was only one computer in the house, and the kids had first dibs, and a busy Mom doesn't get too much time to sit down and play.  

Once I did sit down and "play" i was hooked. It astonishes me to think of what I've done!!! Things just kept snowballing for me, and since my "baby" left for college, I've taken my "hobby" of "Becky's Cookbook" which I started in March 2000, went to college for Web Page Design and had a Web Page design business for 12 years. i am now retired, still doing a few sites I've kept on the side. I am finally able to get back to my hobby, the much ignored, "Becky's Cookbook". How things have changed in websites in 22 years since my first "edition". You will find more modern newly created pages and some, like this one, that are blasts from the 2000's past. Brings back website memories doesn't it!!!

Hubby and I have been happily married for 45 years!!! I am a transplanted Cheesehead, now living in Minnesota. We have one child still at home. Our 3 year old Irish Doodle, Tillie.

In my spare time,  I also garden, read, research family genealogy, and search for new recipes to try on my family. I used to try more, but I was told that they would no longer "vote" unless I started making the "keepers" more often!!! 

I truly hope you enjoy my site as I really enjoy doing it.  I realize that each families' tastes' are different, but I hope you find a few "keepers" from "Becky's Cookbook" to yours.  ;~)

Becky's Cookbook created in March 2000