Italian Donuts

Most of the time when my youngest son comes home, I pull out my deep fryer for his favorite, "Captain Crunch Chicken". As long as I'm getting the fryer out and filling it, I make this other favorite of his that morning for breakfast. Very easy and yummy, although they're the kind of donut you're going to want to eat right away. They do not taste as good later in the day.

Pizza Dough Mix

Oil for frying

Sugar, cinnamon sugar, powdered sugar

Heat oil to 375 degrees. Make pizza dough according to package directions. Allow to sit as directed on package, then roll out to about 3/4 inch thickness and cut with donut cutter.

Fry the donuts in hot oil until very light brown, about 45 seconds per side. Using a slotted spoon, transfer the donuts to paper towels to drain. Cool slightly. While the donuts are still warm, generously coat with the cinnamon/sugar, sugar or powdered sugar. Serve warm.