There is no doubt that Christmas is my favorite time of year.
Days filled with songs, decorating and fun preparations.
A wonderful time of memories and traditions. I hope
you enjoy my Chistmas page, and my memories of
"Christmas Past" and the traditions of "Christmas Present".

My Mother was a wonderful baker. Many of the cookies and breads I make now, are the same as when I was a child. We would work so hard baking, cleaning and decorating. When all was done, we'd put on all the Christmas lights and light all the candles and just sit, enjoy and talk. It's one of my most cherished memories.

Almond Cookies
Anise Cookies
Chocolate Crinkles
Baby Ruth
Bachelor Buttons
Candy Cane
Cherry Winks
Chocolate Pinwheels
Cinnamon Jumbles
Ginger Molasses
Grandma's Ribbon Cookies
Grandma's Sand Cookies
Melt Aways
Orange Slice Cookies
Peanut Butter Kisses
Potato Chip Cookies
Salted Peanut Crisps
Special White Sugar Cookies
Swedish Coconut
Thumbprint Cookies
More Cookies...

Bacon and Egg Snack
Chocolate Candy Balls
Chow Mien Noodle Candy
Cookie Dough Truffles
Hard Candy
Peanut Butter Balls
Wholesome Candy

Breadmaker Stollen
Christmas Stollen
Applesauce Bread
Banana Bread
Gift of the Magi Bread
Gumdrop Bread
Mincemeat Bread
Poppyseed Bread
Pumpkin Bread
Sweet Potato Bread

Hot Cider
Swedish Meatballs
Parker House Rolls
Pistachio Dream Whip Cake
Shredded Beef
Chocolate Fondue
Pistachio Salad
Cheesy Hashbrown Casserole
Maple Glaze
Pineapple Cheese Casserole

Chai Tea Mix
Mocha Mix
Old Fashioned Hot Chocolate
Russian Tea


Christmas Eve has certainly changed over the year.
When the boys were little "Santa" used to come while we
were at church on Christmas Eve. Every year as we piled
into the car, it never failed that hubby or I would "forget"
something and we'd have to run back into the house!!!
What wonderful priceless times those were!!!
Now days we are so busy finishing up odds and ends,
that our Christmas Eve dinner has turned into a
"crock-pot" meal. We usually meet our sons and have
this family favorite waiting for us when we get home.

Crockpot Spaghetti
Homemade Bread
Pumpkin Pie
(Libby's of course!!!)


Christmas Day is our family day. We open gifts and for
the last few years I pass out the recipes and we all
work together to make Christmas dinner. A
wonderful new tradition. Once dinner is over
we all join in the tradition of "being too stuffed
to move"!!!

Christmas memories are a "mixed blessing". Some
holidays we've been by ourselves because we've had
to work or couldn't get home. At times we remember
loved ones with whom we've shared so much and
are no longer with us in person. Holiday memories
mostly come "all mixed up"... happy, sad, lonely and
filled with family and friends. Through all of this, one
Thing remains true.......

God's love for us, and His hope for our future!!!

From our home to yours, Christmas Peace and
Blessings!!! ;~)

This page is dedicated to Ben and Mike, who may not fill every day with "Peace", but certainly priceless "Joy" and "Blessings"