Dibble-Zastrow Genealogy

I try to do a comprehensive "story" about each family. There is one page per marriage of DIRECT grandparents. Simple links on the top will take you foward or backward a generation. Any family with living children will just list the number of children. Questions???


Dibble/Carpenter (Lockwood)

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This entire family dates back to the 1600's in America. There are dozens of surnames and much documented material. Seven grandparents were on the Mayflower, several founding fathers of major cities, many Revolutionary War veterans, and several important people in American history. It has to be remembered in researching this family that most of these people either left or were kicked out of England for their religious beliefs. In reading material, these were very strong beliefs and there are also many founding father of religious denominations. Although there does seem to be a line here and there that "could possibly" be traced accurately to the British royalty, I do not search beyond these shores as people wanting to be "well connected" can probably find a way to make it look right. I try to keep in mind the the vast majority of these people were the lower class people who were being forced to leave by the upper class. There is one small line of Palatine Germans who settled in upstate New York in the 1700's. Some of whom migrated into Pennsylvania and become known as the Pennsylvania Dutch. Not "Dutch" at all but and Americanized version of Deutsch.

Even though the people in this line may not have been originally "well connected" their history in relation to our own country is fascinating and studded with dozens and dozens of brave people who fought and died for our freedom and brilliantly conceived the American Dream.



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The Margaritas side of the family is from somewhere around Athens, Greece. The first person came to this country at age 13 in 1908. We cannot go back much further since the only people to come here were a few in the same generation. Otherwise the whole family remains in Greece.

The Green side of the family is Irish from Buffalo, New York. They came here in the mid 1800's and worked in the busy railroad yard there.



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The Zastrow side of the family is half German and half Austrian most having come here in the mid to late 1800's and settling in eastern Wisconsin.

The Peik side of the family is all German and most came to eastern Wisconsin in the mid 1800's. On the Peik side there are a couple grandfathers who served in the Civil War, but the Germans were very reluctant to do so since they came here for peace and not to fight.

It is difficult to define the term "German" (and thus, "German" migration) because of the changing boundaries of the state of Germany and other Germanic nations. Germans are often defined as those individuals from areas where forms of German have traditionally been spoken, including today's Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, Bohemia, and parts of Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, and the former Yugoslavia.


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The Metzner's came here in May 1894 and settled in near Plymouth, Wisconsin. I have found many newspaper articles that have references to them in the Sheboygan Press in the early 1900's. They seemed a very interesting bunch. The Witthuhn side of the family is divided in a group that came over in the very late 1800's and a group that came over in the mid-1800's. I have found much information on both families. One of the original farms from the mid 1800's remains in the family to this day and it is one family that I do have at least pictures and references of homes and churches in Germany. One small claim to fame is a family farm on the shores of Lake Michigan which is now Whistling Straits Professional Golf Course owned by Kohler Company.