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Here's a little background on the main "donaters" of these wonderful recipes.

Mom (1931-1975)-This is my mom, Joyce.She was an awesome cook and we spent many wonderful hours in the kitchen together. Her recipes certainly reflect her German heritage and she was very fond of tortes and cookies. Basically all of her recipes fit the 1950-1980 group since she was married in 1952 and passed away in 1975.

Nana (1922-2005)-This is my mother-in-law, Georgia. She loved to cook and was always cutting things out of newspapers and magazines. We had allot of fun sharing and trying new recipes together. Nana was a very eclectic cook, loving to try all kinds of dishes, but you will see sprinkled in her recipes a glimpse of her Greek and Irish heritage.

Grandma Z (1910-1993)-This is my grandmother. Our Family Cookbook was so worth it, just to have Grandma sit down and write down her recipes for, German Potato Salad, Wilted Lettuce Salad and Ribbon Cookies. Her German Potato Salad never missed a family event and there were always Ribbon Cookies in the cookie drawer at Christmas. Grandma was German and her best dishes definitely reflected this heritage.

Grandma M (1903-1975)-This is my other Grandmother. Since we never had her "sit down" and write her recipes out, the only ones I have are the few that I do find in my mom's recipe box. I SO wish I had the recipe for those huge round sugar cookies she always had in her jar and her Chicken Noodle Soup couldn't be matched. Grandma was German. She also loved tortes and thankfully, I do have many of those recipes.

Nanny (1887-1959)-This is my husband's Grandmother. Nanny comes from an old pre-revolutionary war heritage and her recipes certainly reflect early American roots. I wouldn't doubt if her Baked Brown Bread and Supper Gingerbread have been passed down for several generations. Her home was in upstate New York and her recipes certainly are "all American" since her family has been in this country for 400 years and has been traced back to the Mayflower!!!

Grandma Green (1898-1955)-This is my husband's Grandmother. I have the fewest recipes from her. She was Irish and grew up in the Buffalo area. As I go through my Mother-In-Laws books and papers, every once in a while I find one labeled, "from mama" which is special.

Cousin Jane (1887-1976)-This was a cousin to Nanny. She of course has the same early American heritage. What is unique to Cousin Jane is that she was a Home Economics teacher in the early 1900's. One of my husband's aunts was wonderful enough to give me her recipe notebook she used for her classes. It is dated from 1910 -1940. So many of the recipes from "Cousin Jane" are from this interesting resource.

There are also some recipes from my mother and mother-in-laws friends and also a few of the early recipes to our Family Cookbook from my aunts.


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