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I have quite a reputation in the family for collecting recipes, and therefore have been fortunate enough to be the one to acquire collections from many relatives. Wonderful handwritten recipes passed from generation to generation. The recipes span about 80 years beginning around 1900. I've tried to divide them into 2 groups with the best educated guess as to when they were popular, but exact times are approximate.

I refer often to the "Family Cookbook". This was started on my side of the family in 1980 with 24 recipes, and as each of my cousins married all the family wives contributed recipes and a copy of them made for each of us. By 1996 there were about 350 at which time we had it published for us. As of 2011, I have now put this book online and we are again able to contribute. We have 4 generations of contributors from my Grandmothers old recipes to my children's generation just beginning to contribute. You can see the book here.

It will take me a very long time to get all the heirloom recipes I have into this site, so this collection is by no means complete. I hope you enjoy my heirloom collection and perhaps you'll find a long lost recipe that will remind you of wonderful days gone by. I am finding many myself to try!!! ENJOY!!!

Please take note, most of these recipes I have not personally tried!!! I will copy them "as written", so adjust as you see fit. Many shortcuts were taken when hand writing a recipe and often directions are assumed.


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