Mom's Pork Sausage Fondue

This recipe is straight from the 70's when "fondue-ing" became so popular. I loved the smell of this baking, it smelled so much like "fall". And of course served in my mother's "burnt orange" fondue pot!!! A timeless recipe that still pleases, I've made this with hotdogs and a hotdog/sausage mix also.

2 lb. breakfast pork sausage

1 lg. onion, in ring slices

1 lb. brown sugar

3 apples, cored & sliced into rings

Cut sausage into thirds. Put in 9X13-inch pan. Layer onions and apples on top. Bake at 250° for 2 1/2 to 3 hours. Baste sausage with juice during cooking. Add a small amount of water if needed. Cover with aluminum foil during last 1/2 hour. Serve warmed in fondue or crock-pot. Better if made the day ahead.