Iola's Sweet Rolls

This is from my mother-in-laws collection. Iola was her "neighbor" at the campground they went to each year. We also had our camper there. This was while the kids were growing up and since we had the "Nintendo" our camper was the "game room" and since Nana had the snacks, her camper was the "snack shop". Wonderful, wonderful memories!!!

Scald 1 c milk, cool and add 1 cake yeast when almost cool.

3 tbl short (Crisco) melted

2 tbl sugar

1 egg beaten

3 or 4 c flour (I sift before)

If dough is too thin to work then add the 4th cup. I keep mixing the 4th cup flour so it works all together good when stirring. I use wooden spoon. Put in bowl. I use large bowl. Let it raise once at least 3 hrs. (I cover with some butter on top of dough) Then cover with cloth. Then make into rolls or what you want & put in gr pan & let raise again. Bake 375 about 15 minutes or till brown on top. You can tell when raised enough to bake.