Mom's Million $ Pickles

I found this on a recipe card in my mom's box. I had a hard time reading one of the ingredients, but I believe it's pimento. I looked around the internet and although I found many million dollar pickle recipes, only one had pimento and that's what it looks like she wrote. This is on one of her older recipe cards.
UPDATE: September 2011-I actually made these this year and they turned out delicious. I did add pimento and the jars have nice color too.

6 qt. peeled sliced cukes, soak in water with 1 cup salt, drain

add 3 or 4 green peppers

12 small onions

1 cup pimentoes

boil 1 qt. vinegar, 6 cups sugar, 1 T. turmeric, 2 t. mustard seed, 1 t. celery seed. When boiling add chopped ing. bring back to soft boil. Put in jars. Seal. 12 pt.