My Favorite Recipe Links

Zastrow Family Cookbook - my own family cookbook that was started in 1980, printed in 1996 and I put it online in 2011. This book started with 25 recipes in May 1980 and each time one of my cousins married, we all added more. It got to several hundred recipes when we published it in 1996. Now with the cookbook online, we are again able to continue adding.

Recipes from Friends-without Chyrel, I wouldn't be here!!!  The encouragement of all the wonderful friends I've made here are priceless and Chyrel's VERY large collection of wonderful recipes just adds a delicious plus!!!  Thanks everyone!!!

Recipe Library- A growing library of culinary delights.  Contribute recipes, Top 10 list, very easy to use.

Anita's Tried and True - If you're looking for delicious low-fat recipes, this is the first place to look.  All tried and true, very nicely layed out site.

Brenda's Recipes- filled with family tested recipes, she says her specialty is an awesome chocolate cake.

Crock Pot Heaven- a nice page with a bunch of crock-pot recipes.

Dotty's Diner- A wonderful collection of  tried and true recipes.

In the Kitchen with Linda- I met Linda at "Chyrels Recipe Board", she has delicious "tried & true" recipes, 3 of which are being featured in a "Gooseberry Patch" Cookbook!!!  Congratulations!!!

Need a Recipe Call, Mom! - lots of family recipes, seasonal recipes and featuring Pennsylvania Dutch.

Susan's 24 Hour Pantry- For those of you who just love to surf around and enjoy recipes sites, this is the place for you. There's a list of hundreds of places to visit and get recipes and ideas. She also has a nice graphic collection in case you would ever need something to spruce on a page, they would even work on projects in word!!!

The Reluctant Gourmet- this is a great site, if you have any questions about a cooking term or technique and what to "stock" in your kitchen look here first, also "Cooking 101" and great recipes.

Teri's Kitchen- large selection of recipes, features Pennsylvania Dutch, also includes "lighter meals".

That's My Home- the food categories in this site are divided into "shops" you'd find on "Main Street".  The many recipes look absolutely delicious, with interesting anecdotes about the recipe or its ingredients on each page.

Chef Rick's Southern Cooking- this well-organized site by Rick McDaniels, a food writer is packed full of recipes, especially southern, tips, cookbook reviews, wines and much more

All Recipes- My favorite site for finding new recipes. I love the rating and comments.